Wondering if your business should be on YouTube? Have you tried publishing to YouTube but nothing has been done for your business?

In this article, you will learn how to use YouTube videos to grow your business.

Why Businesses Should Consider YouTube

There are two important reasons businesses should consider marketing on YouTube.

The first is the benefits of SEO. While YouTube itself can help reach your target audience, integrating it with the power of its parent company Google can empower you with SEO. Suppose you have a YouTube video that works well and uses well-researched keywords. If embedding a blog post with the same keywords, it can increase the power of content creation to achieve their goals.

YouTube video embedding for blog posts can also increase site time, which is an important signal to Google that the content quality clip. If people start spending too much time on an article with embedded video, that will help both the article and the video.

When you create content in both text and video, the combination can be very powerful. It doesn’t matter if you create a video or blog post – everyone’s brain works differently so choose a method that will work for you. It’s an easy way to create two kinds of content that will both help you.

Another important benefit to YouTube is the duration of the content. On most social media, your life on the content shelf is short, but with YouTube, your content can be consumed for years to come. You can publish a video today that is not doing well, but in a year or two, it may go away. Someone today would have watched one of your videos from 2 years ago and responded to you as a product.

Jessica made a video about the Movie three years ago and is now in her top 10 today. Such old videos continue to help him grow his list and get in front of people he would not otherwise be able to reach.

YouTube is a content machine. They want users to sit on the platform so they always suggest additional videos for viewers to watch. They know when someone is watching a video at Clubhouse, for example, that they may want to watch another video at the Clubhouse. Once your video is embedded in suggested content, you can reach a large audience that you can’t otherwise reach. It’s amazing how long the tail is in YouTube content.

YouTube Can Work for Any Business

Almost any type of business can benefit from YouTube. For example, a Tennessee real estate agent, apparently a local business, made YouTube work for him. He devised a strategy where he began sharing his expertise on topics such as how to buy a house and answer questions such as, “What is an escrow?” Later, he ended up building courses and education in that niche but YouTube helped him become a resource.

As his channel grew, so did his productivity. People in her area began to see her because they found her on YouTube as they searched for answers to questions she answered in her content. He was able to rank “a real estate agent in Nashville, Tennessee” because he took advantage of SEO. YouTube not only helped him grow the local side of his business but also acquired record numbers on the education side.

Roger Wakefield, a plumber in Texas, started the YouTube channel for the same reason: to improve his SEO and help people find him. Initially, his YouTube channel did not do much for his business but eventually left.

After that the national plumbing association asked him to start talking and he started training other plumbers on how to get into the plumbing business.

1: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Marketers Make on YouTube

The YouTube algorithm’s job is to pair the right viewer with the right content so that the viewer stays on the platform. If you remove too many people from the platform, YouTube will look unattractive. You may be able to grow your business from YouTube but not to the extent that you can if you take your foot off the electricity a bit.

Remember, YouTube is a business. They have advertisers who pay them billions of dollars and need to keep them happy. If you constantly remove people from the platform, YouTube will limit your access and your videos won’t be too visible. If you look at your analytics, you may see that people are watching your content and doing everything right, but it can be a problem if they do not extend their time on the platform.

At this point, you may be thinking, “I work for a business and my job is to sell a business. How will that work? ”

Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys. If you stay on Instagram asking people to buy your products, that’s not a viable strategy. The best way is to sell soft. At eight percent of the time, your YouTube content should be about providing your audience – educating, assisting, and providing value – that will help build your brand. Another 20% of the time, you can ask for something from your audience.

While 80% of your videos might get people to download your freebie or buy your product, they show YouTube that your content can keep people on the platform. This reduces the impact of videos by 20% when you ask for something from viewers.

In your 20% where you sell hard to those who don’t, you can tell readers to click on this link and show cards in your video that people can click on. Just make sure you only use endcards and end screens when making hard sales, not at 80% when giving to your audience. That way it won’t hurt your analytics much.

2: How to Do a Soft Pitch on YouTube

To create a soft voice on YouTube, you can add a login or freebie link to your About or Video description tab. The question is soft because it does not post physical persons anywhere within the video or interrupts viewing time. They make that decision by digging deeper, going to the description, your channel page, or your about the tab.

You can also add a link of your choice directly to your YouTube cover photo. Replace the website link with a direct link to select entry that matches what your audience wants. Make sure the image draws attention to it, such as an arrow or a drawing of what they will find. I have seen an increase in entry rate.

In all your videos, make sure you say things literally. As marketers, we sometimes forget that we have the resources that people actually want. In our heads, we focus on one thing we want to say but forget that we have many other resources that our listeners may need.

In 80% of your videos where you shouldn’t have grabbed and sent people to the platform, don’t say something like, “When I was talking about the topic], I have a link below the description you can go to that will come out. ”Just don’t show it on the screen or draw a ton of attention because that would send viewers out of the video with a simple click. Also, because people have to work to get to your login page to sign up, it’s a way to check people on your email list.

3: How to Do a Hard Ask on YouTube

For your 20% of your hard-working videos, start by making sure the title will work well on its own. Your YouTube stats should give you a sense of what content will work best with your audience. It needs to be the video you expect to do well because you are already setting the stage for it by sending people to the speaker with a difficult question.

Next, if possible, create or select an entry that is specific to the topic of that video, not just the standard login you want to promote.

For example, I did a Sleep study a few months ago. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out how they are not getting a good sleep and causes of it, so I created some tips for them, you need to go to [the website]. ”

He did it at the beginning and at the end and connected it to the cards and the description. A freebie also fits well with the theme.

In addition to the clickable link on the card, it is also helpful to put the URL on the screen and tell viewers that the link is in the description because mobile users can have a hard time clicking on the card or seeing the URL.

At the end of the video, you can make your hard ask part of your closing statement (20 seconds or so). Where you can usually wrap things up and ask viewers to subscribe, delete that part and add another: “Don’t forget, take these tips I created.” Drop a URL on the card, insert another URL on the screen, and tell them again about the link in the description. Thus, it is difficult to ask.

There is also the opportunity to sell directly on YouTube; however, it should not be as expensive as a $ 1,000 course. Instead, selling at a lower price is unthinkable as long as it is 20% of your 80/20 split. I have been very successful with low-cost sales directly from YouTube videos. However, questioning requires pairing with a video that you know will work well.

For example, I made a video about Importance of a Good Sleep. You know that a video on this topic will work well with its audience on YouTube and there has not been much competition for videos used on the topic.

Before I published this video, I made my own plans, which I used in the study. I knew that my audience would be interested in this, so this was a hard-hitting video: “However, this is a planner I designed. I’ll put a link below.

If your YouTube channel is in the growth phase right now and you make 100% videos, how can you put a button and start making 20% ​​more videos? In all of your YouTube videos, you want to include a call to action. Most of the time, it’s a YouTube action call – sign up, thumbs up, comment. When you start making 20% ​​of the videos, replace those automatic calls with your difficult query and actually tell viewers to click a link on the card (or description) to get a freebie.

You could say, “I created this free guide. Go [to this address] and find it. ”That is where you will really see the impact.

Updated: September 2, 2021 — 4:30 pm