Customer Success A Specialist Journey

It has become the status quo that nothing in Hostinger is set in stone. The employees thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and are true daredevils when breaking the rules for efficiency and quality. No department can escape evolution – however, the Customer Success squad are the true pioneers behind meaningful changes. We invite you to get a sneak peek into a Customer Success specialist’s journey at Hostinger and why we care so much about providing quality customer care.

Step 1: we attract the right talent.

Becoming the advocate of the customer is a journey on its own. It all starts with a brilliant young mind – you only need to notice a purple jumper in a crowd of potential employers at a job fair or university event. When participating in such events, Hostinger focuses on delegating Customer Success specialists alongside with HR people to ensure that our potential employee gets a chance to meet their soon-to-be teammates. They are the ones who share real, daily stories and confirm that anyone can apply – Hostinger hires and develops the best, based on the person’s attitude, not the content of their resumes.

Step 2: we hire the right talent.

Once the candidate decides to enter the recruitment process, it starts with a simple hello and a not-so-simple job description. The process of becoming a full-fledged specialist requires exceptional resources of time and effort, which is why the People team wants to make sure the candidate is 100% ready for it. The recruitment people agree that the Customer Success team itself is imperative for a potential employee’s decision, where young minds working hard is something we believe a culture-fit person will feel inspired by. After the simulation session with a Customer Success Team member, we expect everyone involved in this process to be inspired and motivated, starting a learning process as soon as possible.

Step 3: we prepare the right talent.

Day 1 at Hostinger usually starts with reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. It is a book picked up by Darius Grigorjevas a few years ago before becoming the global Team Lead of Customer Success. After listening to customer feedback, Darius realized that having a purely technical team will not be enough to achieve the highest standards in customer care. The book promotes empathy as the critical component in quality service – understanding the customer’s needs by reflecting on their position will aid the speed of solutions and build a continuous road for the customer’s success. After introducing empathy into the conversations, customer service became an individual experience rather than mere statistics.

Reading books is only a fraction of the training that is in store for our new employees. Our mentors are all former Customer Success members who have earned their role for concrete actions – showing genuine interest for their colleagues alongside their daily tasks as specialists. Our employees receive a 2-months course of training by individual and interactive methods. The trainees have the liberty to complete their tasks without close monitoring. It sets the right tone for their future career – micromanagement is a last resort as we focus on developing a team with self-inspired ownership. Other specialists are just as welcome to participate in the training process, which they usually do – after all, these are the people who will be helping them out pretty soon!

The main factors that develop a good Customer Success Specialist are the People team with their high-quality recruitment and extensive training which introduces the company’s values and develops their communication, technical and product knowledge.” – Darius Grigorjevas, Chief Customer Officer at Hostinger.

Step 4: we develop the right talent.

After completing the final test, our Junior Specialist receives their first quality goal and starts working independently. We have a running joke in the team that the best newbie is the one who annoys their colleagues with the most questions. In other words, the team celebrates a colleague who is determined to learn and be curious. The senior specialists act as internal mentors, who are always there to guide the rest of the team. A shift leader ensures each customer receives a service beyond their expectations from all agents. Each specialist belongs to a batch with a direct Team Leader who is there to give timely feedback and direct attention to specific methods for improvement. The Team Lead is the specialist’s #1 fan – to root for their growth and initiative, being first line of support in setbacks.

While the specialist is learning how to deliver results in their daily tasks, they are also encouraged to be curious about something outside of their job description. Hostinger employees can add their book orders to our forever growing office library. Everyone is welcome to organize internal workshops and lectures, regardless whether the topic is work-related or not. Internal Customer Success sessions are also an excellent method to boost web-hosting knowledge and have a broader scope of helping our Customers. While the open key meetings, open leadership guild sessions, and global endomarketing initiatives serve as a superb learning opportunity contributing to comprehensive curiosity.

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